Feb 22, 2011

Oh Meg

Wait, let me just start by saying, Megan is on my list of favorite people ever. 
She is such a doll! Her milkshake definitely brings the boys to the yard.
I don't know what else to say about her, other than the fact that she is sensational and I love her. 



If I had to guess, this was her favorite day of her whole life. Notice the excitement in her face. 
Well, probably it was.

Next we will venture to Spoon Me, Urban Outfitters, and other super cute locations which we have discussed.
We'll probably talk about our love lives too, because that's what happens.


  1. Her outfits are awesome. She is a very pretty girl!

  2. whole.E.cow.
    isn't meg a dear?
    and by the way, if i lived near you i would get you to take me some pictures in a heart beat.