Dec 29, 2010


 I tend to forget about a large majority of pictures I take.
These are from Thanksgiving. 
It was a good Thanksgiving. My sister's boyfriend let me play with his 1D,
What a fabulous week that was for me.


Dec 22, 2010

Welcome Santa

I know what you're asking, "Will that kid ever be normal?"
The answer is... FAT CHANCE.

Let's just say... It was a terrifying experience for the children.
But the adults got a good laugh.
White Elephant, Yankee Swap, whatever you call it... Bring it on.
Axe and Camp Rock body spray= Awesome!
Coincidently, they both got something to hide body odors.

She liked it, I promise.

 They may have had a secret love connection.

 What's that, you say? A Justin Bieber watch? 
Dad, you're the luckiest.

 Tweezers... Much needed.

 This is Cy trying to recover and process what just happened.
Possible chance of permanent damage.
 He tends to look like he's in pain when he's with her.
But it's fine!
You could say I thoroughly enjoyed my Bubblicious.

Dec 20, 2010

Watch Dog

Positioned like so, this is where she spends most of her days.

Dec 9, 2010

Adorable Steed

You may see this picture a lot. But it's fine.
Ain't she a beauty?

Dec 7, 2010

Hayward Family


I was waiting for them to smile, and for some reason they made the exact same face. In so many of the pictures.

The Sally Mann Project

I can't even be compared to this woman. She's amazing.
But I had to try. For Class.
Her children are absolutely beautiful.


My attempt:

I had to steal the last picture, I didn't actually take it for this assignment. It just worked.
I'm sure you understand.